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3-second Carwashing

Just found this cool photos on the net…

Want to wash your car in three seconds? Here’s how.



Excellent idea right?

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Vote Na!

Wee! I’m back! After so long I got the chance to update my wordpress blog. I just finished updating my blogger but since I really wanted to post this, I opt to blog it here…

I heard from the news yesterday that three of the most beautiful sceneries in the country are nominated to be part of the famous 7 Wonders of Nature. I had time to visit the site and of course, vote our own- The Chocolate Hills, Mt. Mayon, and the famous Tubbataha Reef located in Bohol, Albay, and Palawan respectively.

chocolate_hills_bohol_philippines.jpg The Chocolate Hills is a rolling terrain of haycock hills — mounds of general shape which are conical and almost symmetrical. Estimated to be at least 1,268 individual mounds to about 1,776, these cone-shaped or dome-shaped hills are actually grass-covered limestone hills.

2500122520028972814fuciac_fs.jpg An active volcano in the Philippines on the island of Luzon, in the province of Albay in the Bicol Region. Its almost perfectly-shaped cone is considered by some to be the Philippine equivalent of Mount Fuji in Japan

underwater9.jpg A unique example of an atoll reef with a very high density of marine species; the North Islet serveing as a nesting site for birds and marine turtles. It is a unique example of an atoll reef with a very high density of marine species; the North Islet serving as a nesting site for birds and marine turtles.

Visit to vote for your favorite nominees from all over the globe. Voting will end on December of this year and the New & Wonders of Nature will be announced in 2010 in Lisbon, Portugal.

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Gakuen Alice Chapter 39

223482922_eeec8cc48b.jpgALERT: by the way, whatever translations you’ll read here AREN’T MINE! So, let’s give Caesar what’s due to Caesar (tama ba?)- whoever Ceasar is… Thanks to those people who spend time translating the manga… You rock!

Natsume is coughing very hard.

Tsubasa: “Natsume…Hey, what’s wrong, really? Natsume!?”

Natsume, still coughing blood.

Tsubasa: “Hey…”

Natsume: “Shut up…you’ll wake Ruka up. This kind of thing will immediately pass. So shut up.”

Tsubasa: “What are you saying? You’re even coughing up blood.”

Natsume: “It’s nothing much.”

Tsubasa-senpai remembers a time when he talked to Tono-senpai about Natsume. He says that he’s been running in and out of the hospital lately, and it worries him. He had asked Tono’s help to keep an eye on Natsume.

Tsubasa wonders if Natsume is like Kaname-senpai (his best friend that makes stuff toys come alive; a few chapters back) that whenever the Alice is used, the user’s lifespan will decrease.

Tsubasa: “When did it start…when did it start to be like this? You, that blood…”

Natsume grabs Tsubasa-senpai: “You can’t tell Ruka. If you dare to say it, I’ll kill you. I won’t let you tell them.” He remember Ruka say: “If Natsume isn’t smiling, if only Natsume has to suffer the pain alone, then I…I can’t smile, either.

Natsume: “It’s been almost a year. This whole year i’ve been completing undercover work for the school in this condition. I will never, not in my whole life, be happy. You asked when did it start, right? A year… Forget what you just saw, otherwise I could sneak up and attack you at any time. Don’t compare me to your group of half-baked Alices.”


Tsubasa-senpai was arguing with some teachers.

Kaname: “Tsubasa, stop it! It’s enough!”

Tsubasa: “What enough, you’re being used at will by a school like this! Using your Alice on that kind of thing…it’s unforgivable! Especially when they know that using your Alice will shorten your lifespan!”

The scene changes to Narumi-sensei and Misaki-sensei.

Misaki: “You…where’re you going?”

Narumi-sensei tried to use his Pheromone Alice.

Narumi: “Misaki-sensei…so you actually haven’t fallen asleep yet.”

Misaki: “So that’s how it is. It was correct for me to keep guard here.” He showed Narumi packets of ‘Anti-pheromone Medicine’.

Narumi: “Oh, darn…”

Misaki: “I’m preventing you from running off by yourself to do something silly. Come, let’s have a few drinks tonight.”

Narumi: “Misaki-sensei is usually so cold towards me. I knew there was some problem. Having that kind of expression, and even thinking of an actual plan, seems like you’ve got a hold of some clues.” He adjusted his earring (the control device).

Misaki: “I won’t let you take that kind of attention-grabbing actions, from now o…”

Narumi-sensei reaches out his hand to Misaki-sensei, pulls him closer, then kissed him on the lips. Misaki-sensei is now unconcious.

Narumi: “When it comes to ‘Anti-pheromone Medicines’, no matter how much you take, it’s all pointless if the restraining earring is taken off. So sorry, Misaki-sensei. I’ve done something hateful again. Even if I didn’t obtain any clues at all, i’m more or less certain about the eventual outcome of everything that’s happened… The debt I owe… The students so important to me… It’s time I paid it back. I’m leaving…”

He left a note for Misaki-sensei, saying: “I’m counting on you, with what’s coming up. -Narumi”

The scene then changes to the three Z agents.

Shiki: “Ishimori-san, we’re almost there, hang on.”

They hear someone’s voice, but can’t see anything. “Welcome, welcome… We’ve been anticipating this for very long…that someone with an Alice like yours would join up.”

Ishimori: “The core of this mountain is guarded by that Medusa…that stone-creating bastard, isn’t it? How nice.”

Azumi: “Even though that’s the case, this is the fastest way we can obtain the antidote.”

Voice: “Having such hate towards the school, you are like us when it comes to that, no alice who feels the same way we do would go against us.”

Ishimori: “Never mind about me, but don’t you guys feel pissed? That fellow’s attitude… Anyway, we can only go there now, so…”

The scene pulls off to Mikan and the others. It was already morning and everybody just woke up.

Mikan: “Tsubasa-senpai…time to wake up. Did you sleep well?”

Tsubasa: “Ah, I did, I did. (He only slept for an hour.)”

Ruka (not drunk anymore, and doesn’t remember that he was): “What’s this…? Alcohol?” He sniffed his shirt. He definitely smelled alcohol. “How… How can it…?”

They comtinued their journey on.

Natsume: “We’re out of time, let’s go. Our time limit is tonight, we need to find those fellows as quickly as possible. <cough>”

Tsubasa: “Natsume…you look quite awful, are you okay?”

Natsume: “Hmph. You’re the one who looks awful.”

Tsubasa: “Why you liitle fellow…and to think I was worried about you.”

Ruka was talking to some rabbits. “Come to think of it, those fellows can’t possibly be like us, especially picking the dangerous paths. The teleport linking the entire path could very possibly the route’s beggining and end, too.”

Tsubasa-senpai suddenly grabs Natsume and carries him. (I don’t know why.) “Here we go.”

Natsume: “What are you doing!? You bas-”

Tsubasa: “If you don’t want to be flung down by me, close your mouth and hang on!”

Natsume begins to use his Alice.

Tsubasa: “You’re not allowed to light a flame! If you do, i’ll expose everything about that matter! Don’t waste your Alice for something as pointless as this! You…even I wouldn’t do this kind of thing on a whim to some brat like you! Ow, ow, stop kicking!”

Mikan: “Wha…”

Ruka: “What’s going on?”

Tsubasa: “Just listen to me for a bit! Haven’t I kept your secret?”

Natsume: “Damn it!”

Tsubasa: “Ouch, ouch! What…you bit me!? And scratched me! Are you a cat? Stop kicking! Darn! I’m gonna throw you down!”

Ruka and Mikan were very confused but continued walking anyway.

Ruka: “Ah, the deer says this place smells of gunpowder.”

Mikan: “Eh? Where?”

Ruka: “This warphole…” He points to a cave opening. “Usa-chan (deer) says the smell comes from around this crack.”

Tsubasa: “Isn’t this just a cave? Somewhat blind. It’s huge for a natural cave.”

Natsume kicked Tsubasa in the warphole.

Tsubasa: “Whoa!”

Mikan: “Natsume!”

Then Natsume kicks Mikan in, too.

Mikan: “Tsubasa-sen-… Whoa!”

Ruka: “Sakura!”

Natsume: “Let’s go.” Then pulls Ruka with him.

They went in the warphole and entered another dimension. Somehow, they’re in water…

Natsume: “What’s this? Hot springs?”

Everybody got out of the water.

Mikan looked around: “…..? Volcano!?”

Scene changes to Z agents… They were in some sort of laboratory.

Mihara (also reffered to as ‘Medusa’): “Oh? Uninvited guests are here in force, it seems.”

Azumi: “Mihara Kanbu…”

Mihara: “‘Medusa’ is fine, like you usually secretly refer to me anyway. Because of your rash individual actions this time, this mountain could very possibly be taken over by the school’s lackeys. You gentlemen are repeatedly, repeatedly giving me trouble. Ah, bring Ishimoru-san to the treatment room. No matter what, i’m still the benefactor who’s helped hide you before.”

Mihara: “Azumi Yuka-kun…how’s your ‘Alice Collection’ going?”

Back to the main characters.

Tsubasa: “Did those fellows escape to this kind of place?”

Mikan: “Is this volcano actually a live one?”

Tsubasa: “Dunno…doesn’t quite feel like that, either. That’s the exit of the volcano, right? Smoke’s coming out of it.” Tsubasa-senpai points to a spot where smoke is coming.

Ruka: “Whoa! You came along, too?” He was talking to the deer earlier.

Mikan: “They’ve nowhere to hide…but such a dangerous place, those people…”

Ruka: “Yeah… Where should we start looking from? The animals say their noses are no use in this smoke.”

Mikan: “Ah! How did Ruka-pyon morph into rabbit form!? Quickchange!?” She sees Ruka as a rabbit.

Ruka: “Wait, Sakura…”

Mikan: “They’re actually tigers in this kind of place!”

Ruka: “Sa-Sakura?”

Natsume: “What’s up with this girl? Her brain must’ve rotted.”

Mikan: “Tsubasa-senpai and Penguin-chan have become father and son!?” She sees Tsubasa-senpai as a penguin.

Mikan: “Natsume…cat ears!?” She also sees Natsume as a cat.

Natsume hit Mikan’s head with a stick.

Tsubasa: “That lil’ brat is still unmerciful…”

Natsume: “Are you lucid now? If you aren’t, I can give you another whack.”

Mikan: “Ah…yes, lucid already.”

Tsubasa: “Hey…this smoke…most likely illusion incense or something similar. Don’t breathe it in. This probably uses illusions to fool fellows wandering around here, a tactic to chase people away. That means, at that volcano exit, there’s probably someone purposefully putting smoke into make it appear to be active… So this means that that volcano exit…that’s Z’s.”

Scene pulls off to Z agents. Mikan and the others didn’t know that they were being watched.

Mihara: “Well, well…it appears that you’ve immediately attracted some attention to this place. You were probably followed. How many intruders?”

Person: “3…no, about 4.”

Mihara: “Oh…wearing the school’s uniform. Those are…kids.”

Camera showing: Natsume: “This is the only hole not smoking, right?

Tsubasa: “Careful.” They were trying to climb out of the hole.

Mihara: “This is really… The school’s really sent some pretty interesting messengers this time.”

Azumi notices Mikan. She somehow feels something is familiar about Mikan.

Camera: Mikan: “Hold on tight.”

Mihara: “Well then, we’ll also give them a grand welcome to this place.”

Back to Mikan and gang.

They finally got out of the volcano, but their bodies hurt everywhere from climbing.

Mikan: “Ouch…hurts like hell. Tsubasa-senpai… Is Penguin okay? Is he hurt?”

Natsume: “Hey, seems like our prediction is right.”

They are facing a door.

Mikan: “Where’s this? Why’s there a room?”

Tsubasa: “The origin of Z…”

Natsume: “…Should be it.”

Tsubasa: “That we’ve invaded this place, they should…probably already known. Right…anyway let’s think about how to get through this door first.”

Ruka: “Ah…so it’s actually locked.”

Natsume: “Hey, move away. We’ll just wreck it directly.” Natsume was willing to use his Alice.

Tsubasa: “Don’t need to use your Alice for something so minor. We’ll use my shadow manipulation to open the door.”

Natsume: “It’s not up to you to direct us, shadow bas-”

The floor started to shake.

Tsubasa: “What!? The floor is shaking…”

Mikan: “Eh? Is it really an active volcano?” The floor started to crack. The crack hits Mikan’s foot and she was falling.

Ruka: “Sakura!”

Tsubasa: “Mikan!”

Someone was pulling her down inside the floor.

Mikan: “Ahh!” She looked behind her and saw that a skeleton was pulling her.

Natsume: “Mikan!” He tried to grab her hand, but the skeleton was pulling her so hard…she fell.

Mikan: “Nat-”

Darkness overcame. Mikan was gone. Sucked in the floor.

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Naruto, Naruto, Puro na lang NARUTO!

This is the first ever instance wherein I only had three entries in a month… record breaking, eh? Jeez, I’m quite useless. Thanks a lot to the fact that I’m still addicted to watch the up and coming Naruto Shippuuden episodes! I even started writing my first ever fanfic! Yep, I know its kinda funny. I was a bit hesitant at first but when I wrote the first chapter, it was a bit… uhmmm… liberating on my part. P heheheh… I also received a comment in a day saying that she loved my story and she can’t wait to read the succeeding chapters. Ahahahah! Dunno if I can really finish writing it. I’m on my third chapter but it feels like I don’t have any ideas on my mind… It seems difficult to write this chapter compared to the previous ones. Siyet! IS this what you call writer’s block? What a lousy writer I am to have writer’s block after the second chapter? 😦

Man, this sucks! I think the third chapter is a bit dragging but I’ll try to finish this…. Ideas. Ideas. Ideas. I need ideas! ) Amen

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Gakuen Alice Chapter 38

223482922_eeec8cc48b.jpg ALERT: by the way, whatever translations you’ll read here AREN’T MINE! So, let’s give Caesar what’s due to Caesar (tama ba?)- whoever Ceasar is…
Mikan: “Natsume! What’re you doing here?”

Natsume went near the lake and took sips of water.

Mikan: “Ah, so you came to get a drink. Well…if you’d waited just a bit longer, I’d have brought the water back.”

Natsume: “Got tired of waiting.”

Mikan: “Ruka-pyon’s just gone to look for you.”

Natsume: “How could I continue staying on at a place surrounded by Penguin and Shadow.” He remembers what Ruka had said earlier, that he would give his Alice Stone to Mikan.

Mikan: “Why do you dislike others so much? And why isn’t Ruka-pyon back yet? He ran all the way back in the hope that you’d be able to see this beautiful scenery, too. I can understand the feeling he has, wanting to share this beauty with the person he likes. Come to think of it…Ruka-pyon must really like you. I mentioned this much to Ruka-pyon, too. I wish I could appreciate this with Hotaru. Because the relationship Hotaru and I have seems very similar to the one the two of you have.”

Natsume: “That’s disgusting, it’s not similar at all. Don’t mention us in the same sentence as you.”

Mikan thinks to herself: “Just now, the moon I saw with Ruka-pyon was sparkly and beautiful…but why does the moon I see with this guy just seem so blurry?”

Natsume: “Just now, you were talking to Ruka, about the Alice Stone.”

Mikan: “You heard the conversation I had with Ruka-pyon? If you’d known we were around, you could at least have called out.”

Natsume: “Do you know what it means to exchange Alice Stones?”

Mikan: “Is there some special meaning?”

Natsume remembers. Flashback:

Some girls: “Ruka-kun, Natsume-kun!”

Natsume: “What?”

Girls: “Want to exchange stones with one of us?”

Permy (Sumire): “Wait! You, there! What’re you doing!? You shouldn’t Natsume-kun, Ruka-kun. Must be more careful. If you’d really exchanged Alice Stones, you’d be ‘engaged to be future partners’, that is dating, you know! It’s a long established dating tradition. It’s common relationship knowledge around the school, you know.”

Back to the main scene:

Mikan: “Hey, Natsume…”

Natsume is in deep thinking.

Mikan thinks: “What’s up with this fellow? Is he trying to say that my Alice can’t match up to Ruka’s, or something like that… Ah, seems like something he’d say. Why isn’t Ruka-pyon back yet? Somehow I feel that being alone with Natsume is really tiring. It’s probably better if I went back to Tsubasa-senpai. Really, just thinking about it, I know Ruka-pyon’s Alice Stone will be fantastic.” She pictures herself using Ruka’s Alice Stone; all the animals gathered around her. “I think my Alice Stone would probably be useful, too. As long as it’s ability is strong. That time, too.” Remembers when being attacked by trees. “Ah, but that was thanks to Tono-senpai’s Alice Stone. Strange…somehow Natsume’s always involed when my ability’s most useful. Ah, that time it was useful.” Remembers being kidnapped by Reo.

She remembers about that time…

Mikan thinking: “If Natsume didn’t have Alice, if he weren’t as strong as he now is, he wouldn’t have been kidnapped by Reo. Further more, Natsume wouldn’t be so used to danger. How Natsume feels towards his own power…an unwanted Alice…even though I’ve never really thought about it… =<UnDerCovEr WorKeR…..MurDeRer>= (echoes in Mikan’s mind) Ah…whoever needs my Alice the most…”

Mikan: “Hey, Natsume…I’ll give that stone to Natsume. If I grow up, and become powerful, and make a very fantastic Alice Stone…”

Natsume was very surprised.

Natsume: “I don’t want it. Haven’t you arranged that you’d give it to Ruka?” He thinks: “What’s up with this girl?”

Mikan: “Umm…so i’ll make two stones.”

Natsume: “For someone like you, even if you’re grown up, I doubt you could make two Alice Stones at ease.”

Mikan thinks: “And I thought I could make at least three, for Ruka-pyon, Hotaru, and myself.”

Natsume, still remembering Ruka’s and Mikan’s promise about the Alice Stone, and sees Ruka’s happy face in his mind. “You only need to make a stone for Ruka.” Then splashed Mikan with cold water.

Mikan: “Ah! Cold! What did you do that for!?”

Natsume: “Too noisy, you ugly girl, stupid, ugly girl.” They started the water fight.

Mikan: “You mentioned ugly girl twice, you stinky fox!”

Natsume: “Stupid ugly girl, slow ugly girl, extremely ugly girl!”

Mikan: “Hey, don’t add stuff on top of ugly girl!”

Both of them are dripping wet.

Natsume still remembering what Mikan had said: “When I grow up…i’ll give my stone to Natsume…when I grow up…”

Mikan: “Damn! So cold!” <coughing, panting>

Natsume: “Hey, ugly girl…”

Mikan: “I’m not answering you.”

Natsume: “Do you still plan to have that hairstyle in five years’ time?”

Mikan: “What?”

Natsume: “That hairstyle won’t be suitable in five years’ time. Put your hair down. Put it down, it looks better that way.” He turned around and headed back to camp.

Mikan blushes: “Who…what are you…suddenly saying that kinda thing…” She thinks: “The moon that was just so blurry has somehow become so bright.”

Mikan: “Who’s just gonna listen to what you say.”

Natsume: “Let’s go back.”

Mikan: “Wait…wait a minute.” She followed him back.

Once they were back, they saw Tsubasa-senpai and Ruka-pyon laughing so silly at nothing.

Tsubasa: “Yo…the two of you… Geez, this really gives me a headache, this mountain… The grapes Penguin’d brought back…they seem to contain alcohol, ya know.” Tsubasa laughing so silly, and looks kind of crazy. So does Ruka-pyon.

Natsume and Mikan: “Eh?”

Ruka: “Been defeated again!” <saying weird words to no one>

Tsubasa: “I’m not really drunk, so it’s alright, but Ruka-pyon is…” He explains to them what had happened.

A little while ago…

Ruka: “Eh? Where’s Natsume?”

Tsubasa: “Man, don’t care about him. Have a bit of these grapes, they seem pretty tasty.”

Tsubasa-senpai just finished eating one of the grapes. “Whoa, did this contain alcohol?”

Ruka ate, too: “Na…Natsume isn’t back yet.”

Present time:

Natsume grabbed Penguin: “Isn’t it about time to burn him to a crisp?”

Mikan: “Wait, Natsume!”

Tsubasa grabbed Mikan and hugged her tightly. “Eh…Mikan, why do I feel like you’re especially cute today, lil’ girl?”

Ruka (still drunk) pushes Tsubasa-senpai away from Mikan: “Stop bugging her, idiot!” Then hugged Mikan.

Mikan (very surprised): “Eh? Whoa, Ruka-pyon?”

Natsume: “Ruka…” He holds him. Ruka hesitated. “Natsume…Natsume…” Then hugs him tightly.

Ruka has fallen asleep but doesn’t let go of Natsume’s hand.

Tsubasa (calmed down) to Mikan: “Natsume doesn’t seem to be in a very good mood because Ruka-pyon isn’t letting go. Anyway, it’s probably about time for you to sleep, too.”

Mikan: “Yeah…I was really shocked for a moment there.” She lied down on the grass and used tree leaves as blankets. “Tsubasa-senpai, aren’t you going to sleep?”

Tsubasa: “Who’s fault is this? I’m still very awake, it’s alright.” Because Tsubasa-senpai
got beaten up by Natsume a while ago for giving Ruka those grapes.

Mikan: “But…”

Tsubasa-senpai patted Mikan’s head. “Quick, go to sleep. It’s not good to sleep without someone to keep guard. Especially in this kind of forest.”

Mikan thinks: “He’s obviously used a lot of Alice and is probably as tired as everyone else. Compared to us, Tsubasa-senpai is really like an adult, even though only older than us by four years. No matter what happens, I must definitely, definitely bring back Hotaru’s medicine and Iinchou’s Alice. Tomorrow, I must do my best. I will do my best, Hotaru.” And she drifted off to sleep.

Ruka-pyon has finally let go of Natsume.

Natsume is coughing roughly.

Tsubasa: “Natsume? What’s up?”

Natsume, coughing blood. Very serious.

Tsubasa: “Natsume?”

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