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Gakuen Alice Chapter 41

ALERT: by the way, whatever translations you’ll read here AREN’T MINE! So, let’s give Caesar what’s due to Caesar (tama ba?)- whoever Ceasar is… Thanks to those people who spend time translating the manga… You rock!

Azumi meets Mikan in her cell and stares at her.

Azumi thinking: “In front of me, moving, staring unwaveringly at me. Meeting here now. The child of my beloved and I.” She remembers the time when she was about to steal Mikan’s Alice and the time where Hotaru got shot. “Ah…you’re from that time. The intruders from that time… I hear you have the Nullification Alice?”

Azumi thinks: “I thought that we wouldn’t meet again. I really should have eliminated you from the dephts of my heart, but the feelings that should be long gone are still welling out. She was actually so small. My child from that time…I’d never thought we’d meet this way.”

Mikan remembers Narumi say: “Mikan, you musn’t let enemies know your Alice.”

Mikan: “I…I won’t tell you about such a thing.”

Azumi: “Why did you come here?”

Mikan: “To save my friends.”

Azumi: “Friends?”

Mikan: “My friend, who had his Alice stolen by you. And the one you hit with the poisoned bullet…both of them are my friends.”

Azumi was surprised because she didn’t know that that bullet actually hit someone. She thinks: “Hit by the bullet? That time, that bullet…hit someone? Hit that child from that time…”

Mikan: “So I must get the antidote and Alice back. Don’t pretend you don’t know.”

Mikan grabbed the collar of Azumi’s shirt. “Hotaru did it to protect me. If it continues like this, even her life could be in danger. Iinchou was also in tears because he might not be able to stay in the school. It’s all your fault. Before, in the Reo incident too, why would you want to do such things to us?!”

Azumi still shocked, thinks: “Because using your Alice, you can continually carve out a path for them from the school to safety… So that students like us, won’t appear again…”

Mikan: “You people are the worst! Return Iinchou’s Alice! Make Hotaru recover, idiot! I’ll never forgive you all!” Tears began to fall from her eyes.

Azumi remembers that there’s a camera on the wall watching them. So she hits Mikan with a bag that opens from the hit and spills out contents.

Azumi: “Whining and whining, so noisy.”

Mikan: “Wha…” She hits the floor.

Azumi: “I’m not tolerating the brat’s noise any longer.” She tries to steal Mikan’s Alice, but it doesn’t work. “So it’s really Nullification after all. Even if you whine about the past, you can’t change whatever’s already happened. I’ve originally planned to interrogate gently, but i’ve changed my mind. Go ahead and enjoy that sexual sadist’s treatment. By now, your companions have probably been caught by that fellow, too.” She rolls the antidote using her foot under Mikan’s tummy and leaves the cell.

Mikan thinks: “Eh? She stuffed something under my tummy…”

As Azumi walks back down the hallway, she remembers what Mikan said: “It’s all your fault! Give the Alice back, idiot! I’ll never forgive you!” She clenched her fist and walked away.

Mikan is sitting beside the skeleton, thinking: “What’s this? Liquid capsule? How come…”

Then suddenly the skeleton managed to open the door and was about to get out but Mikan quickly rushed outside and closed the door leaving the poor skeleton behind. She says to the skeleton: “Sorry. Really very sorry.”

She quickly ran away, thinking: “Everyone…please be safe. I’m rushing there now.”

Scene changes to Natsume, Ruka, and Tsubasa.

Mihara: “Only upon meeting would we know that. That actually, this kind of child is ‘Black Cat’, huh.”

Natsume: “Where’s Mikan?”

Mihara: “Even though I don’t know why you’ve come here, I suppose this situation is a spot of good luck falling into my lap…”

Natsume: “Where’d you bring that fellow?”

Azumi enters the room.

Mihara ignores Natsume’s question: “Shiki-kun, to see what standards their powers are at, come have a try, first.”

Scene back to Mikan.

Mikan is walking down the hallway, looking at the antidote she was holding, thinking: “Even so, why would that person give this to me? …The look in that person’s eyes, was like…” Her thoughts were interupted when the antennae of the pin Penguin gave her was moving. “Can it be…this is a transmitter?! Does it want me to go in the direction the antenna’s pointing at?”

Mikan followed where the antennae was pointing. On her way, she saw a map. “What’s this map…suddenly appearing. It’s…it’s different from a drawing, huh. But feels like i’ve seen it somewhere before…”

She stopped in front of a big door. The antennae showed that it’s that way, inside. So Mikan opened the door to find her friends and the other Z agents. She saw Tsubasa-senpai stepping on the enemies’ shadow, and she also sees Natsume panting heavily (must’ve used his Alice), and Ruka-pyon and Penguin on the other side of the room.

Tsubasa: “Mikan… You’re safe…”

Ruka: “Sakura…”

Mikan: “Senpai, Natsume, Ruka-pyon, Penguin!”

Tsubasa: “Don’t come over, Mikan. Go outside.”

Suddenly, a man comes behind Mikan and is ready to attack her.

Natsume: “Mikan!” He pushes aside Mikan and surrounded them both with flames so that the enemies cannot hurt them.

Mikan: “Whoa… Natsume…”

Natsume hits her on the head, hard. “Do you wanna die, idiot! Have a good look at the situation before you make a move! Haven’t you learnt your lesson even after falling in the sand jail?!”

Shiki made a move and tried to attack Natsume and Mikan by sending an explosion near both of them.

Ruka: “Natsume!”

Again, Natsume shoved aside Mikan and recieved damage.

Mikan: “Natsume…” She thinks: “I finally understand. Looking at Natsume like this… I can understand how the life he’s been living, is so different from others.”

Tsubasa: “Are the two of you alright?”

Ruka: “Natsume, the blood…”

Mikan still thinking: “No matter when, always standing straight, with that strong back of his. Behind that confident back, I experienced the events that happened to him.”

Natsume to Mikan: “Stay behind me. Don’t stand any further forward than me. There’s no choice, so i’ll protect you…only this time, don’t leave me.”

Mikan clutches the Alice Stone made by Tono-senpai, still thinking: “And I… I want to protect everyone. Using my Nullification, even if i can only defend a few of the Alice attacks, I still want to protect everyone…”

Mikan to Natsume: “I’ll protect myself. You don’t need to protect me, rather, let me be your strength. Don’t let yourself be hurt so much anymore, let me be your strength.”

Mihara: “Shiki-kun, Azumi-kun… The oponents are just kids, how long do you intend to be as inactive as this?”

Shiki teleported behind Ruka and was about to attack him. (He has the following Alices-Barrier Ability, Illusion, Explosion, and Teleportation.)

Natsume: “Ruka!”

Mikan: “No, both are illusions!”

And another Shiki appeared behind Mikan and grabbed her.

Tsubasa: “Mikan!”

Mihara: “Little kids really are stupid. For you all, this child’s Nullification is your only bet against my Alice.” He took off his glasses and freezes Tsubasa’s left foot. (Mihara’s Alice is Ice)

Mikan: “Tsubasa-senpai!”


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