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Gakuen Alice Chapter 40

ALERT: by the way, whatever translations you’ll read here AREN’T MINE! So, let’s give Caesar what’s due to Caesar (tama ba?)- whoever Ceasar is… Thanks to those people who spend time translating the manga… You rock!

Natsume: “Mikan!”

Mikan can’t see anything anymore. It was dark. “Whaa… What is this? Skeleton dungeon!?”

The hospital…

Misaki: “Everyone…Imai…”

Subaru: “Doctor, the patient’s condition has suddenly worsened.”

Misaki: “Imai, hang on. Even though President Imai’s Alice is helping, it’s still the body of a child. Defending against the strong poison robs her of much of her strenght.” Misaki-sensei thinks to himself: “Man…at such an important time, that fellow…i’ll definitely kill him the next time I see him. He’s unforgivable. (reffering to Narumi)”

Hotaru murmuring: “Mikan…uh…slow and idiotic Brinjal.”

Everyone at the hospital didn’t know what she meant by that, and was surprised.

Hotaru, still murmuring: “Slow…slow and idiotic Brinjal, just like Penguin.” She senses something, probably that Mikan was in danger.

Scene changes…

Penguin was helping Tsubasa open the ground.

Tsubasa: “Dammit, can’t open it. What kind of contraption is this? Is it a deathtrap? It pulled Mikan in, then closed up again.”

Ruka: “Where did they bring her? Can it be, Sakura’s buried in the sand?”

Tsubasa: “No, it’s probably some tunnel or hole in there. I can tell from the echoes. Natsume, can you think of a way to blast through this with your Alice? Much as I don’t wanna try that.”

Natsume is panting and coughing. He remembers about the teachers’ conversation about Mikan (a few chapters back). “Especially that girl… That girl…”

Tsubasa: “Natsume?”

Natsume: “That fellow’s probably alright. She won’t be killed that easily, and we should be worrying how to get that fellow back. Trying to waste our time before we can get to the destination. From what’s just happened, those guys probably want to disperse us and get rid of us one by one. From now on, even if we want to chase them, we must try our best not to be separated.” <coughing> He thinks to himself: “Dammit, this body…”

Ruka: “Natsume…”

Tsubasa: “Hey, the door’s open.”

Scene changes to Z…

Mihara: “Did we only manage to catch one in the dungeon? Never mind, no matter how it goes, they’re all trapped. Direct the remaining three to the big room.”

Person: “Kanbu, because of security concerns, comparing data of these intruders with information in the organization’s database has shown, this kid…is the ‘Black Cat’, Hyuuga Natsume.”

Mihara: “Oh, that’s really… It’s the first time i’m meeting this famous junior of mine, huh… This’s really interesting. Immediately contact the boss, and tell him about this good news.”

Camera: Tsubasa: “Hey, are you going in? I’m asking you, are you going in there? Natsume: “We can only go here, there isn’t another way, is there?”

Scene changes to Mikan…

Mikan finally opened her eyes, spitting sand.

Mikan to herself: “Where is this? Where’s everyone? What’s going on…the floor suddenly collapsed…I seem to have been pulled down into the sand by a strange skeleton, and separated from everyone.”

Then Mikan sees the skeleton and began screaming, horribly shocked, because it was moving. It seems the skeleton is also shocked because of her loud voice.

Mikan: “Ah, w-why is it moving!? Is this because of Alice, too? Or is it a demon? Ah, anyone…help me!”

She doesn’t know that she is being watched.

Person: “Regarding Hyuuga Natsume’s companions, even though we couldn’t find records of two of his companions in the organisation’s database, we did discover something about that girl. There’s one point worth noting…”

Mihara: “What is it?”

Person: “It’s this child’s Alice, this girl seems associated with the Reo incident, previously. Because there’s no actual data to work with, it’s hard to confirm, but if this is true, it’s a very rare Alice she has…the Nullification Alice.”

Azumi was stunned: “Nullification?”

Mihara: “Rare, indeed. Be it Hyuuga Natsume or this girl, what’s up with these fellows, shall we bring this girl directly to the boss?”

Azumi: “Please, wait a moment. Bringing her to the boss with insufficient data…I feel that that is too rash. It’s better to confirm it before we do anything. Besides, being able to update this information is a great thing, too.”

Mihara: “Hmm…well said.”

Azumi started to walk out to the door.

Mihara: “Where’re you going?”

Azumi: “When it comes to collecting data, I can more or less help. To a child, perhaps it’ll be more comforting for a woman, such as I, to go.”

Mihara: “Hmm…then Shiki-kun, we’ll pass the task of collecting information regarding Nullification fully to her, can I trust you to capture ‘Black Cat’ and the rest as soon as possible?”

Azumi to Shiki (using telepathy): “Hey, Shiki, what we’re doing, is it really the right thing? If we could use your Alice to help the children of the school, that’d be great. ”

Shiki to Azumi (still using telepathy): “…I don’t know.”

Azumi to Shiki (still telepathy…): “But…”

Azumi left. The other Z agents are still discussing.

Back to the three…

Tsubasa: “Is it really alright to go in? The door’s closed again. Basically, any door that opens itself stinks of a trap. Even though nothing strange happened so far.”

Natsume: “Those fellows have already created the conditions to lure us onto this path, if the opponent’s itching for a fight, we’d have to accept, ofcourse.” <remembering Mikan’s fall>

Tsubasa notices he’s angry: “Even if you’re angry, it doesn’t help matters. Even if you’re angry, Mikan won’t come back. Well, don’t need to care about it too much. It’s true that you seem to have especially taken a liking to bluffing, yet actually unable to save Mikan, of course this feels bad, and it feels worse than you can ever feel.” Tsubasa-senpai patted Natsume’s back.

Natsume was even more angrier than before. Tsubasa-senpai exploded into the air, caused by Natsume’s Fire Alice.

Natsume thinks: “When I see those fellows, I want to confirm one thing with them. Is what they said true? Does that kind of Alice really exist?” He remembers again about the teachers’ conversation. Jinno-sensei: “Especially that girl…she also has the Alice of Ability Theft.”

Traps were suddenly activated. There were rays of light fired everywhere. One was headed towards Natsume’s direction. Luckily, Tsubasa-senpai pulled him aside.

Tsubasa: “Natsume, it’s dangerous…you…why were you dazed?”

Natsume was speechless.

Natsume: “Let go!”

Tsubasa: “Ah, ouch, ouch! If you’re so energetic, then run, quick!”

As they were running…

Tsubasa: “…It’s like, don’t you feel that these rays of light seem to be automatically chasing us wherever we go?”

Natsume: “…It seems so.”

They entered a big room. They saw a person (most likely Shiki).

Ruka: “Eh…”

Shiki: “I have been waiting for you, Hyuuga Natsume and your two companions. Welcome.”

Scene changes to Mikan…

Mikan was imagining things again. In her head, she remembers Hotaru’s words: “Mikan…don’t cry. Don’t cry, Mikan. You must always keep on smiling.”

Mikan: “But, Hotaru…i’m scared of monsters.”

Hotaru’s voice: “Your crying face makes you look three times uglier than usual.”

Mikan: “But, even if you say that, monsters…”

In her head, she pictures Hotaru hitting her with her ‘Baka Gun’. “Didn’t I already tell you not to cry? Bloody irritating-”

Mikan returns to reality from her daydream.

Mikan: “Just now…an illusion!? Was it because it was too scary?” She sees the skeleton again, peacefully sitting at the corner.

Mikan: “I can’t…I can’t be caught now. Because I was scared, I panicked… Crying doesn’t help anything! I’m such an idiot!” She then began hitting her head.

After a while, she began to laugh.

Mikan: “After laughing, look…that skeleton doesn’t seem scary anymore. But… What I should be wondering about now, is how to escape this room and reunite with everyone.”

Scene changes…

Azumi is walking down the hallway towards the dungeon Mikan is in.

She remembers all that had happen regarding Mikan. She also remembers what the other Z agent said: “It’s regarding this girl’s Alice, it seems to be Nullification.”

She also remembers that time when she and her companions invaded the academy. Hotaru had said: “Stupid, Mikan! (causing Azumi to remember what she named her daughter)”

And also that time when she had tried to use her Alice on Mikan, which didn’t work. “Nullification Alice…”

Azumi thinks: “Why, why…what went wrong? How did things turn out this way?”

Flashback between Azumi and Mikan’s father in high school:

Azumi: “Sensei’s Alice is great! It’s Nullification!”

Mikan’s father (still don’t know the name): “Hm? What’s wrong? Someone’s looked down on your Alice again?”

Azumi: “Nah, I don’t care about that. Anyway, I made them cry.”

Mikan’s father: “Did you fight? A girl’s body shouldn’t be treated that way, wounded and bruised everyday.”

Azumi: “Nothing to do. I’m just such a detestable person. I’m used to it. Obviously never stole anything, yet being treated as a thief, and always looked down upon. What’s with ‘detestable person’!”

Mikan’s father: “You definitely have many friends who understand you, and many companions to follow you. Of course i’m one of them.” He patted her head and smiled.

Present time… Azumi: “That day, it’s so…so far away from me…”

Flashback again:

It was raining, and Azumi was wet and sad, crying, sitting on the floor outside.

Mikan’s father: “If they’re distanced from you because they are scared, it’s proof of their narrow minds.” He was carrying an umbrella and offered a hand to her.

Azumi looked up.

Mikan’s father: “No matter what kind of Alice, it can either hurt or heal, depending on the user’s choice. Isn’t it most important to believe in and love your own Alice? That you are here on earth with this Alice, there must be some meaning to it.”

Present time…

Azumi: “Sensei…”

She has reached the dungeon Mikan was in. She saw her wrestling with the skeleton. Mikan was too busy wrestling it she didn’t notice another person was there.

Azumi looked closer, something about Mikan reminded her of something. “…Sensei.”

Azumi thinks to herself: “Always…wanting, wanting to be together…”

Another flashback:

Azumi: “But, to tell the truth, if I had kids, i’d rather they had no Alice.”

Mikan’s father: “Why?”

Azumi: “Because having an Alice will only cause pain. And being unable to see your parents, too. If it really can’t be helped, I still think Sensei’s Alice is better than mine.”

Another scene (flashback), the day Mikan’s father died:

Azumi: “What suicide, you’re lying! Saying this is an accident…it’s impossible!”

Classmate: “Sensei was murdered!”

Azumi: “You’re lying, Sensei isn’t dead!”

Present time:

Mikan then noticed now that there was another person watching her. She looked at her.

Azumi thinks: “Only this child…only this child, I hope she can live on without being associated with Alice. Why…only this child…why, why have things become like this? Only this most important child…of Sensei and mine…how did the gears of life turn out so wrong, like this…like this…”

Both of them stared at each other.



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