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Gakuen Alice Chapter 32

223482922_eeec8cc48b.jpg ALERT: by the way, whatever translations you’ll read here AREN’T MINE! So, let’s give Caesar what’s due to Caesar  (tama ba?)- whoever Ceasar is…

Mikan: Hotaru…
(Misaki-sensei walking after Narumi-sensei)

Fukutan-sensei suddenly yells to them: ”Narumi-sensei! Just now, Imai Hotaru…..” The Z agents were able to escape, but Hotaru was shot and is in critical condition. Narumi-sensei, Iincho, Kokoroyomi, Natsume and Ruka run to Mikan who is standing with Misaki-sensei in front of the operation room; “Mikan-chan!” Misaki-sensei: ”What are you guys doing here?” Iincho: ”How’s Hotaru-chan?” Misaki-sensei: ”The operation’s just finished….” The operation room doors open and doctors roll Hotaru out.

Mikan: ”Hotaru!” Doctors: ”Move, your in the way.” Misaki-sensei asks why Narumi brought so many children, Narumi says he got Jinno-sensei’s permission, that the children can come and visit Hotaru in small groups. And most of all, he thought it would be best not to leave Mikan with only adults around. The doctor asks Hotaru’s brother, who participated in the operation with his healing alice, to bring the children to see Hotaru. The doctor then says to Jinno, Misaki and Narumi: ”I must speak with you”. The bullet did not hit any vital parts, and doctors were able to extract it without any risks to Hotaru’s life. But, inside the bullet was an unknown virus, which if they cannot find a cure soon, will certainly kill her. Mikan is sad she knows Hotaru was shot trying to protect her.

Hotaru suddenly moves, Hotaru: ” d….dad…..m…Mom….” Hotaru’s older brother tells them visiting is over, and tell them to leave. That as he said before, as long as the cure to the virus is not found, their being here will not help Hotaru.

Noda-sensei and Tono-senpai were sent to escort Mikan back to the dorm. Mikan has to stay at the dorm until her punishment is decided. Tono-senpai picks Mikan up and Hugs her trying to comfort her. Tono: ”for a little kid you sure get into big trouble. It was hard wasn’t it?” Hugging Tono-senpai gets glared at by Natsume, Ruka and Iincho. Tono: ”you’re boys…right?” Tono thinks Ruka and Iincho look like girls. Noda-sensei: ”Ah I just remembered Hyuuga-kun, there is an urgent reunion and all Kikennouryoku are asked to gather at the headquarters.” Tono thinks this probably means school will send the kikennouryoku unit against Z.

Noda-sensei asks Tono to bring Mikan to the dorm and he will escort Natsume to headquarters. Walking by, Natsume steps purposely on Tono-senpai’s foot. Kokoroyomi yells: ”everyone come!” Hotaru is trying to say something, Kokoroyomi reads her mind for them. Hotaru: ”Please tell Mikan, UGLY! What’s with that face, idiot. I’m alright. I’m not so weak no need for you to worry about me. Don’t cry, Mikan.”

In the past Hotaru has told before to Mikan that’s she’s ugly when she cries so she must always smile.

Mikan and the other are walking back to the dorm, Ruka runs after Mikan: ”Sakura!” Mikan: “until now Hotaru has never spoken about her parents. Even during hard times, not once has she ever complained in front of me…. It’s so hard on her, and still… she worries about me. I….I was just told not to cry” Mikan cries, knowing that things must be 10 time, 100 time, 10000 times harder for Hotaru…she wishes that all of Hotaru’s pain be transferred to her. Mikan wants to be stronger. Be as strong as Hotaru. Tono-senpai: Maybe someday you will also be as strong as her”.

Ruka tries to comfort crying Mikan. Natsume sees all this from headquarters window where he is with other Kikennouryoku students are waiting for the urgent meeting to begin. Though he was told to bring Mikan to the dorm, Tono brings Mikan to the tokuryoku class where Mikan’s tokuryoku classmates are worried and waiting.

Tsubasa, most worried of all, is upset at Mikan for getting in so much danger. Tono explains that it would take too much time to discover a cure to the virus which was in the bullet, therefore only choice would be for school to steel Z infos. They wonder how it was possible for the Z agents to enter and escape school barriers, which is supposed to be impossible. Tono remembers an old rumor, that a long time ago, there was a student who’s alice could create flaws in time & space, and with this alice was created a warping key hole with which people could get out of the school without getting caught by the barrier.

The warping hole was said to have been hidden by a friend of the creator, who owned an incantation Alice. But rumors are that still somewhere in the high school building the hole exists.



  1. I LOVE U!! u have the facts!!! i was looking in crunchyroll, and everywhere!!! thanks agin! maybe i will download some!!!

  2. @mikan-natsume4-eva,

    I LOVE YOU TOO!lol. though all the summaries here aren’t mine. I’m also an avid fan of Gakuen Alice and that I only enjoy copying these… 😉

  3. Almasakura said….

    Nice to know you!

    By the way, are you already read Gakuen Alice chapter 106 ??

  4. Not yet.i cant find d scan.can u help me?

  5. i also wasn’t able to read GA’s chapter 106… 😦

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