Posted by: nemixx | March 14, 2007

Callalily Hit Me Bullseye


For the past two nights I don’t feel like writing here. I got so busy that I finish my daily task later than usual. However, I was blessed tonight and was lucky enough to be able to sleep unlike the nights before… Anyway, I’ve been inspired to listen to Callalily for the past nights that I can’t sleep since our “OIC” is around.

Their first single STARS which is included in their debut album Destination XYZ was a big hit. A lot of people loved them and that includes me! I never thought a college band like Callalily could offer the listeners good songs.
The band is composed of good-looking and talented college students Kean Cipriano, 18 (vocals); Aaron Paul Ricafrente, 19 (bass); Tatsi Jamnaque, 18 (guitars); Alden Acosta, 17 (guitars) and Lemuel Belaro, 19 (drums). (Sayang, I’m older than Kean…lol)



  1. …hi xa mga callalily…u guyz really rock….sobrang gwapo ni kean..crush kta…sobrang nka2yanig-utak ang mga knta nio…pero mgnda….ala n ko mxabi…pede ko b mhngi cell num..nio png lhat…i’m ur fan…ahmm…more power 2 callalily….GBU…all…u guys really astig…

    • hi guys can i get ur cell no.plz..
      tnx couz i am one of ur fan..

  2. HELLO…
    OMG! I can’t believe this!!
    ka inspired talaga mga singles nio!!!
    “Dwardy” cutie ka talaga!

  3. hi guys can i get ur cell no.
    couz i am one of your fans u guys,…:)

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